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Pricing Update

We have updated our pricing effective 1 July 2023


Please note the following changes in the table below.

Package Old Price New Price
NETBiz (email only) R60 R85
NETBasic R100 R125
NETBasic+ R250 R280
NETAdvanced R320 R350
NETMaster R500 R525
NETUnlimited R1250 R1450

Monthly website maintenance has increased from R100 to R125 in line with the above adjustments.

The adjustments do not affect any customers that have already paid their annual package and services in full i.e. annual or bi-annual. Please also note the increase in domains prices which can be found below.



Web Hosting Plans & Pricing

Domain Pricing / R125 .africa R300
.biz R525 .capetown / ,joburg / .durban R400
.cc / .co R800 (2 year cycle) R400 (per annum)
.com R350 de. / .eu R300
.info R600 .mobi R700
.net / .org R420 .tv R1050


*Unlimited traffic simply means that HostCloud does not impose a hard quota limit i.e. all our hosting packages have no set traffic quotas. However, it is subject to reasonable and fair use policy.

**Unlimited disk storage means that HostCloud does not impose a quota limit in accordance with our fair use policy.

Our fair use policy states that bandwidth (traffic) and disk storage are unlimited (only where applicable i.e NETUnlimited package), provided that they are used as an integral part of your website and not intentionally abused. Additionally, usage must comply with our terms and conditions and not impede our ability to provide service to other customers.

Email limits: For our Unlimited package, email storage is subject to certain conditions. We do not permit long-term storage of emails and reserve the right to remove emails older than 12 months. Unattended mailboxes, with unread emails older than 180 days, may be considered abandoned and deleted. Emails stored in ‘spam’ or ‘deleted’ folders for over 30 days may also be deleted.

In essence, as long as you use the service as intended by adding content to your site, we will not limit your bandwidth or disk storage usage. Our goal is to ensure that both parties are being fair and that you can focus on growing your site without worrying about bandwidth or disk storage limits.

However, if you attempt to exploit the service by distributing or storing large files, streaming excessive video, hosting music, or similar activities, we will ask you to stop.